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492nd Bomb Group Headquarters Enlisted Men
Database of 492nd Bomb Group Headquarters Enlisted Men...
Rank MOS Fate / Notes 54 
Abrams, W F Jr
T/Sgt 631 Group NCO Intelligence Officer
Alcorn, R W
S/Sgt n/a n/a
Androkoitch, J
M/Sgt 752 unit assignment unknown
Barnhart, V V
M/Sgt 752 assigned to 856th
Beaman, R P
T/Sgt 754 Radio Mechanic, reassigned Crew R-31
Bender, C E
S/Sgt 663 30 Jul MOS to 911
Bennett, H J
Cpl 405 n/a
Bickley, A J
Cpl 056 30 Jul MOS to 055
Bonaccorsi, J J
Cpl 677 30 Jul MOS to 590
Boyd, D H
Cpl 405 25 May to 857th
Brody, R
Sgt n/a n/a
Butcher, C C
Cpl n/a n/a
Connell, J D Jr
Sgt 070 n/a
Cooperstock, H
S/Sgt n/a n/a
Cross, R L
Pfc n/a n/a
Dowling, L F
S/Sgt 502 13 Jun to 858th
Dukes, C J
S/Sgt n/a B-24 Mobile Training Unit 25
Dvorak, C H
Pfc 521 30 Jul MOS to 590
Eaves, L R
S/Sgt n/a 15 Jul obtained from 859th
Ellis, L W
Sgt n/a 17 Jun to 1261st
Fisher, M L
S/Sgt n/a n/a
Fraley, R G
Pfc n/a n/a
Harmon, H
M/Sgt 405 n/a
Henry, E J
Pfc 861 n/a
Hibbits, H P
S/Sgt 405 n/a
Hurwin, E B
T/Sgt n/a n/a
Jones, G B Jr
T/Sgt n/a n/a
Kalway, R F
Sgt n/a unit assigned unknown
Kirbens, S M
Sgt 502 served in 326th, 1450th and 492nd
Lee, R F
Sgt n/a n/a
Lincoln, F J
S/Sgt n/a n/a
May, F E
Pfc n/a n/a
McCaverty, R J
Sgt 056 30 Jul MOS to 055
McDonald, W T
Cpl n/a n/a
Miller, L F
S/Sgt 505 7 Jun obtained from 856th
Mitchell, W F
S/Sgt n/a n/a
Mulligan, T H
T/Sgt n/a n/a
Osmundson, T C
M/Sgt 898 30 Jul MOS to 542
Pabst, L C
Pfc n/a 2 Jun to 326th
Patten, J F
Cpl n/a n/a
Porter, W O
S/Sgt n/a 28 May to 1450th
Potti, J
Cpl n/a unit assigned unknown
Riddle, L J
Pvt n/a 17 Jun to 1261st
Rix, C B
Sgt n/a n/a
Ronna, G B
S/Sgt 807 also served in 859th
Rose, J G
M/Sgt 752 also served in 859th
Schwantz, W B
Sgt 405 also served in 857th and 858th
Thixton, V H
S/Sgt 813 30 Jul MOS to 345
Turock, C
Pfc 050 7 Jun to 857th, 30 Jul MOS to 590
Upton, R W
Pfc n/a n/a
Van Slooten, C
Sgt 070 obtained from 858th
Wade, G K
Sgt 345 30 May obtained from 326th
Yoder, B H
Pfc 590 2 Jun to 856th, 30 Jul MOS to 238
Young, J R
Sgt 502 30 Jul MOS to 673
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