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492nd Bomb Group Headquarters Officers
Database of 492nd Bomb Group Headquarters Officers...
Rank MOS Fate / Notes 38 
Adams, L C Jr
Lt Col 1024 Deputy Commander
Arms, L A
1st Lt 1035 Group Bombardier
Austin, C M
2nd Lt 8503 Photo Intelligence Officer
Barrett, J F
Capt 2161 Group Assistant Operations Officer
Bullard, J D
1st Lt n/a Finance Officer
Davis, E L
Capt 9301 Group Intelligence Officer, S-2
Capt n/a Medical Officer, unit unknown
Dukes, G E
Capt 0200 Communications Officer
Estelle, W E
2nd Lt n/a n/a
Ferguson, J P
2nd Lt 4822 Group Armament Officer
Ferguson, J P
2nd Lt 4822 Group Armament Officer
Fisher, R L
Capt n/a n/a
Gietz, H R
Capt 5710 Group Chaplain
Goodhue, W S
Capt 9301 Intelligence Officer
Grabelsky, L
2nd Lt 1034 Navigator
Henderson, P W
1st Lt 9301 Group Assistant Intelligence Officer
Hill, J W III
Capt n/a n/a
Hoyer, T E
2nd Lt n/a Special Service Officer
Jaques, L Jr
Capt 1024 n/a
Jones, G S
2nd Lt n/a n/a
Leavenworth, C
1st Lt n/a Assistant Adjutant
Light, H M
Maj n/a n/a
Lutonsky, L F
1st Lt 1034 Group Navigator
Mangan, A R
2nd Lt n/a reassigned to 326th
Mayhew, J B
1st Lt n/a Assisttant Transportation Officer
Mirree, W T
1st Lt n/a n/a
2nd Lt n/a S-3
Nelson, S B
2nd Lt n/a reassigned to 326th
Potter, F A
Maj 3162 Group Flight Surgeon
Ramsey, J B Jr
Capt n/a Adjutant
Reed, J A Jr
1st Lt n/a Assistant Intelligence Officer
Register, R
RC n/a RC = Red Cross Field Director
Schaffert, H M
1st Lt n/a Group Gunnery Officer
Schepis T F
Maj 2161 reassigned to 856th
Simonds, E T
Capt 1034 Group Navigator
Snavely, E H
Col 1024 Group Commanding Officer
Thayer, R R
Maj 4823 S-4
Turnbull, J I
Lt Col 1024 Group Operations Officer
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