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856th Bomb Squadron Officers
Database of 856th Bomb Squadron Officers...
Rank MOS Fate / Notes 49 
Adams, R E
Capt n/a Adjutant
Atkinson, D A Jr
1st Lt n/a 25 May from 326th, 4 Jun to 859th
Black, H G
1st Lt n/a Gas Officer
Bland, B A
1st Lt n/a obtained from 326th
Bruce, E W
1st Lt n/a n/a
Campbell, J J
2nd Lt 0200 Communications Officer
Carroll, J P
1st Lt 1034 Squadron Navigator
Cohen, S
1st Lt 1024 Pilot Training Instructor
Cook, N C
1st Lt n/a Engineering Officer, also in 858th and 859th
2nd Lt n/a Engineering Officer, 20 Jun to 93rd BG
Estelle, W E
2nd Lt n/a also served in 492nd and 326th
Fisher, R L
Capt n/a 12 Jul to 856th, 4 Aug to 492nd
Gendreizig, H G
Capt 1024 Operations Officer
Gill, D F
2nd Lt 1034 Navigator
Goodhue, WS
Capt 9301 Intelligence Officer, 13 Jun to 492nd
Graham, T R
Capt 1024 Assistant Operations Officer
Hricko, A W
1st Lt n/a 19 Jun obtained from 858th
Huntzberger, S S
Capt n/a Squadron Medical Officer
Hurley, W J
Maj 1024 Operations Officer
Jackson, R E
1st Lt 1034 orphaned from Crew 608
Johnson, J A
2nd Lt 4822 Squadron Armament Officer
Jones, H E
Capt 9301 Squadron Intelligence Officer
Kaye, J W Jr
2nd Lt 0200 Assistant Communication Officer
Kehoe, N B Jr
1st Lt 2161 Assistant Operations Officer, pilot crew 613
Kell, R W
2nd Lt n/a n/a
Leavenworth, C
1st Lt n/a also served in 326th, 492nd and 857th
Light, H M
Maj n/a also served in 857th and 492nd
Lofdahl, C W
1st Lt 1035 Bombardier
Losee, J F
Maj 1024 Interned 20 Jun; Squadron Commander
Mack, G H
WOJG 4823 Engineering Officer, served 859th and 858th
Marulli, A G
2nd Lt 1034 Navigator
Moothart, M R
2nd Lt 4823 Squadron Engineering Officer
Morton, C R
2nd Lt n/a 5 Aug transferred in
Myser, L R
2nd Lt 1035 Bombardier
Oviatt, G T
2nd Lt n/a Signal Corps, obtained from 326th
Peterson, C E
2nd Lt n/a Squadron Historian
Powell, R M
1st Lt n/a n/a
Rankin, J G
1st Lt 2161 Assistant Operations Officer
Redmond, G F
1st Lt n/a 19 Jun reassigned from 858th
Rhame, D P
Capt n/a Officer I/C Defense Platoon
Richards, G E
1st Lt n/a n/a
Santoro, R J
CWO n/a Communications Officer
Schepis, T F
Maj 2161 Squadron Operations Officer
Sturdivant, H N
Capt n/a Communications Maintenance Officer
Turner, E E
Maj n/a 28 Jul Commanding Officer
Velarde, A C
Capt 1024 Assistant Operations Officer
Wheelis, J B
1st Lt n/a 13 Jun reassigned from 858th
Williams, W A
2nd Lt 1035 Gunnery Officer
Wool, M D
1st Lt n/a 7 Jun transferred in
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