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1234th Quartermaster Company Enlisted Men
Database of 1234th Quartermaster Company Enlisted Men...
Rank MOS Fate / Notes 29 
Adamik, G F
Pfc n/a n/a
Barron, L G
Pfc n/a n/a
Bennett, J S
Sgt n/a n/a
Cook, D
Pfc n/a n/a
Doherty, D T
1st Sgt 585 30 Jul MOS to 502
Duggan, E M
Pfc n/a n/a
Freshwater, L E
T/Sgt n/a n/a
Graulich, W S
T/5 055 30 Jul MOS to 405
Hankey, R E
Pvt n/a n/a
Harness, C B
T/5 n/a n/a
Harshman, C L
Pfc n/a n/a
Jennings, N W
T/5 n/a n/a
LaMastro, M A
T/5 n/a n/a
Leketa, A P
T/5 n/a n/a
Lynn, B H
Cpl 193 30 Jul MOS to 194
Manis, M A
Pfc n/a n/a
Massie, J A
T/5 n/a n/a
Mayhall, J C
Pfc n/a n/a
Petrowsky, J A
T/Sgt 821 30 Jul MOS to 383
Peugeot, B P
Pfc n/a n/a
Porter, C D
Pvt 345 28 May transferred in from 326th
Riesterer, L A
T/4 n/a n/a
Rossman, N A
Pvt n/a n/a
Sands, A H
T/5 193 30 Jul MOS to 194
Setterbo, W R
Pfc n/a n/a
Smith, J F
Pvt 522 Also served 326th and 2161st, MOS 521 and 590
Sullivan, R C
Cpl n/a n/a
Vetro, J
Sgt n/a n/a
Winner, W L
Cpl n/a n/a
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