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492ndBombGroup.com Mission Statement
Our goals for this website . . .
•  To deliver historical information about the 492nd as accurately as possible for both the expert and casual World War II enthusiast.
•  To provide a special place for all men who served with the 492nd at North Pickenham where their stories can be shared.
•  To paint a picture of the entire allied bombing campaign in WWII by focusing on the 492nd as being representative of the sacrifices on the altar of freedom made by all bomb groups.
•  To maintain a clean, bold look to the site that takes into account the failing eyesight of the veterans of the 492nd.
•  We're not out to impress anyone with how many visitors we can lure to our website. We're not out to accumulate "registrations."
•  We do, however, want to put together the best website we possibly can, based on richness of content displayed in as user-friendly a format as our abilities can produce.
•  We also strive to code our site well, keeping abreast of emerging web technologies and browser combatibility issues.
•  Whenever appropriate, we strive to create unique, somewhat clever and nifty graphics to make your visit just a bit more pleasing.
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