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B-24H Liberator   42-51171   ELI SWOF, JR
42-51171 ELI SWOF JR after transferred to the 467th BG, winter 1944
Manufacturing Data
Serial Number 42-51171
Model B-24H
Manufacturer Douglas - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Production Block B-24H-25-DT
Color Silver aka NMF (Natural Metal Finish)
Group Data
Date Assigned to 492nd Replacement aircraft for the 857th
Flew its first mission 6 Jun 44
Obtained From Replacement Depot
Flyover Pilot unknown
Total Missions w/492nd 17
Total WWII Missions 30
This plane was brought in as part of the J for H trade with the 458th BG for PROJECT AZON. We do not know which plane it replaced.
857th Squadron Code: 9H
Tail Code: -Z (overlined)
Reassigned to the 859th during July
859th Squadron Code: X4
Tail Code: M+
Transferred to the 467th BG, 788th BS
Transferred to the 467th BG, 790th BS
2 Mar 45: Lost to German fighter attacks.
6 KIA, 3 POW, MACR 12850
More Info
from Mission 39
Heber Crew 705
Scott Crew 712
Liggett Crew 701
Crew R-02
Gossett Crew 708
Koltun Crew R-10
Gaines Crew 715
Kuecker Crew R-07
Testa Crew R-13
Crew R-18
Schulze Crew R-39
Crew R-08
( from 467th BG )
Links to missions
flown by this plane
are below in the
Mission Record
467th BG site
Mission Record
Documented Missions with the 492nd BG, 857th BS
Date Mission Mission # Pilot Crew Notes
4 Jun 44 Avord, France
 Link to Mission 16 page 16
Heber 705 Target: Airfield
6 Jun 44 invasion coast, France
 Link to Mission 17 page 17
Scott 712 Target: Tactical
6 Jun 44 Vire, France
 Link to Mission 19 page 19
Heber 705 Target: Tactical
8 Jun 44 Angers, France
 Link to Mission 20 page 20
Liggett 701 Target: Tactical
12 Jun 44 Dreux, France
 Link to Mission 25 page 25
Rasmussen R-02 Target: Airfield
14 Jun 44 Emmerich, Germany
 Link to Mission 26 page 26
Gossett 708 Target: Oil refinery
18 Jun 44 Bremerhaven, Germany
 Link to Mission 31 page 31
Heber 705 Target: Airfield
Bombed target of opportunity
20 Jun 44 Politz, Germany
 Link to Mission 34 page 34
Scott 712 Target: Oil refineries
23 Jun 44 Juvincourt, France
 Link to Mission 39 page 39
Koltun R-10 Target: Airfield
27 Jun 44 Creil, France
 Link to Mission 41 page 41
Gaines 715 Target: Marshalling yard
Aborted, uncredited
28 Jun 44 Saarbrucken, Germany
 Link to Mission 42 page 42
Kuecker R-07 Target: Marshalling yard
Engaged with Luftwaffe
29 Jun 44 Magdeburg, Germany
 Link to Mission 43 page 43
Testa R-13 Target: Aircraft industry
Documented Missions with the 492nd BG, 859th BS
24 Jul 44 St Lo area, France
 Link to Mission 56 page 56
Roseborough R-18 Target: Tactical
25 Jul 44 St Lo area, France
 Link to Mission 57 page 57
Schulze R-39 Target: Tactical
29 Jul 44 Oslebshausen, Germany
 Link to Mission 58 page 58
Pease R-38 Target: Oil refinery
31 Jul 44 Ludwigshafen, Germany
 Link to Mission 59 page 59
McGowan R-08 Target: Chemical plant
1 Aug 44 Anizy, France
 Link to Mission 60 page 60
Pease R-38 Target: Railroad bridge
Damaged by Flak
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