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B-24J Liberator   44-40118
Manufacturing Data
Serial Number 44-40118
Model B-24J
Manufacturer Consolidated - San Diego, California
Production Block B-24J-145-CO
Color Silver aka NMF (Natural Metal Finish)
Group Data
Date Assigned to 492nd Original aircraft for the 857th BS
Obtained From Consolidated
Flyover Pilot 2nd Lt Joseph Skorupan Crew 703
Total Missions w/492nd 3
Total WWII Missions unknown
This a/c has been confused with 42-51118 since they both had the same last three digits. This one left the group as the other arrived. Therefore the records on "118" appeared to have been referring to the same plane, but were not. For over sixty years no one knew that there were two planes in the 492nd with serial numbers ending in "118." Documented evidence has proven that there were two distinct planes as presented here. See Footnotes.
857th Squadron Code: 9H
Tail Code: unknown
Transferred to the 458th BG during the J for H trade for PROJECT AZON. At this time we do not know which plane it was traded for. We do know that this plane's last 492nd mission was on 19 May 44 and its first one with the 458th was on 29 May 44 so this plane went over there during this time.
752nd Squadron Code: 7V
Tail Code: E
Tail Code: changed to R during August, since no longer used as lead ship
Transferred to the 753rd BS in October
753rd Squadron Code: J4
Tail Code: S
14 Mar 45: As the group was preparing their ships for a mission, a waist gunner of A/C 42-50565 accidentally fired off a few rounds from his gun. It hit WE'LL GET BY causing its gas tank and incendiary bombs to ignite. The explosion caused damage to nine other aircraft, but no serious casualties were substained.
Salvaged: 14 May 45
More Info
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Skorupan Crew 703
Val Preda Crew 601
J for H trade
Links to missions
flown by this plane
are below in the
Mission Record
458th BG site
Mission Record
Documented Missions with the 492nd BG, 857th BS
Date Mission Mission # Pilot Crew Notes
12 May 44 Zeitz, Germany
 Link to Mission 02 page 02
Skorupan 703 Target: Oil refinery
15 May 44 Siracourt, France
 Link to Mission 04 page 04
Skorupan 703 Target: Crossbow (V-1 rockets)
19 May 44 Brunswick, Germany
 Link to Mission 05 page 05
Val Preda 601 Marshalling yard
a/c lent to the 856th BS
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