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B-24J Liberator   44-40173   ERNIE'S BEAVERS
ERNIE'S BEAVERS after transferring to the 466th BG and renamed OUR BABY
Manufacturing Data
Serial Number 44-40173
Model B-24J
Manufacturer Consolidated - San Diego, California
Production Block B-24J-150-CO
Color Silver aka NMF (Natural Metal Finish)
Group Data
Date Assigned to 492nd Original aircraft for the 857th BS
Obtained From Consolidated
Flyover Pilot 1st Lt Ernest Gossett Crew 708
Total Missions w/492nd 20
Total WWII Missions 88
857th Squadron Code: 9H
Tail Code: -P (overlined)
Original research by Al Blue shows this plane was used on 20 missions while at the 492nd. Our records are missing some pages, so we can only confirm 17 of these missions. Most likey the Gossett Crew 708 used this plane on the 13th, 21st and 23rd of May, but we can't prove that with official documentation.
12 Aug 44, transferred to 735 BS, 453rd BG.
RCL code: H6:K- (underlined)
Aircraft also had the nickname TS associated with it. While at the 453rd, it was renamed OUR BABY, completed with nose art.
Waist windows with gun socket mounted and a Fairchild compensating sight on both guns were fitted between 27 Oct and 3 Nov 1944. The nose turret was changed from Consolidated MPC A-6B to Emerson A-15 probably at the same time or during December 1944.
Flew a total of 63 missions with the 735th BS.
1 April 45 transferred to the 733rd BS (also in the 453rd BG), where it was used on 5 more missions.
RCL code: F8:F+
10 April 45, Transferred to 786th BS, 466th BG.
RCL code: U8:-W (overlined)
It's doubtful if this plane was used on any missions at the 466th BG.
Returned to USA in 1945.
More Info
2 pictures
Gossett Crew 708
G Haag Crew 706
O'Sullivan Crew 713
Liggett Crew 701
Heber Crew 705
Koltun Crew R-10
Kuecker Crew R-07
Tracey Crew 715
Testa Crew R-13
Crew R-02
Cravens Crew R-24
Perry Crew R-21
Bridges Crew 702
Links to missions
flown by this plane
are below in the
Mission Record
453rd BG site
453rd BG site
466th BG site
Mission Record
Documented Missions with the 492nd BG, 857th BS
Date Mission Mission # Pilot Crew Notes
13 May 44 Tutow, Germany
 Link to Mission 03 page 03
Gossett 708 Target: Oil refinery
needs documentation
19 May 44 Brunswick, Germany
 Link to Mission 05 page 05
G Haag 706 Target: Marshalling yard
21 May 44 Siracourt, France
 Link to Mission 06 page 06
Gossett 708 Target: Target: Crossbow (V-1 rockets)
needs documentation
23 May 44 Avord, France
 Link to Mission 07 page 07
Gossett 708 Target: Airfield
needs documentation
24 May 44 Melun, France
 Link to Mission 08 page 08
O'Sullivan 713 Target: Airfield
25 May 44 Belfort, France
 Link to Mission 09 page 09
Liggett 701 Target: Marshalling yard
27 May 44 Saarbrucken, Germany
 Link to Mission 10 page 10
Heber 705 Target: Marshalling yard
28 May 44 Zeitz, Germany
 Link to Mission 11 page 11
Gossett 708 Target: Oil refinery
29 May 44 Politz, Germany
 Link to Mission 12 page 12
O'Sullivan 713 Target: Oil refinery
28 Jun 44 Saarbrucken, Germany
 Link to Mission 42 page 42
Koltun R-10 Target: Marshalling yard
Engaged the Luftwaffe
29 Jun 44 Magdeburg, Germany
 Link to Mission 43 page 43
Kuecker R-07 Target: Aircraft industry
6 Jul 44 Kiel, Germany
 Link to Mission 45 page 45
Tracey 715 Target: Shipyard
12 Jul 44 Munich, Germany
 Link to Mission 49 page 49
Gossett 708 Target: Railroad station
18 Jul 44 Troarns, France
 Link to Mission 52 page 52
Testa R-13 Target: Tactical
19 Jul 44 Koblenz, Germany
 Link to Mission 53 page 53
Rasmussen R-02 Target: Marshalling yard
29 Jul 44 Oslebshausen, Germany
 Link to Mission 58 page 58
Gossett 708 Target: Oil refinery
3 Aug 44 Mery-sur-Oise, France
 Link to Mission 61 page 61
Gossett 708 Target: Crossbow (V-1 rockets)
Lead Ship w/Heaton
Damaged by flak
4 Aug 44 Villers I'Hopital, France
 Link to Mission 63 page 63
Cravens R-24 Target: Crossbow (V-1 rockets)
5 Aug 44 Brunswick, Germany
 Link to Mission 64 page 64
Perry R-21 Target: Aircraft manufacturing
7 Aug 44 Ostend, Belgium
 Link to Mission 66 page 66
Bridges 702 Target: Oil dump
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